7 Tips on Growing Your Business

Have you ever wanted to just LIVE YOUR LIFE and TRAVEL THE WORLD? Life is too short to work a 9-5 and before you know it years have passed and you are in the same spot, probably doing the same thing day in day out. I was there too! I made a conscious decision to make a change in my life and help other people along the way. You can set up ANY business and be your own boss.

To me Business success is about a healthy balance between persistence, drive and enjoying your life. You can have it all!

Here are my 7 tips on business growth.

  1. Be personal. Always be personal to potential clients. Whether it is calling them direct, an email or a visit past their office. Use the person’s name, use the client’s company name. NOTHING should be generic.
  2. Be PROACTIVE with your business not reactive. Don’t strive for perfection, strive for persistence. Ask yourself this question “what have I done today to contribute to my business”.
  3. Create relationships (online and offline). Network, network and network. You need to get out there and talk to people. Form partnerships and affiliations with other businesses that have a complimentary service to you. It’s a human fact, people are more likely to use your service if they like you.
  4. Focus on strategy and outsource the mundane, admin tasks (at a very low cost). Think of yourself as a project manager and a strategist, rather than the “I need to work 14 hours today so that I can do the accounts, marketing, client calls, work and social media posts”.
  5. Have a vision board. I know this sounds corny – but if you can see what it is that you are trying to achieve, it will help you when it does get tough. You must know where you are going, in order to get there. Therefore, by visualising the outcome, the house, the boat, the holiday villa in Bali – it will help you be more determined and driven to succeed.
  6. Reward yourself when you reach small milestones. I use to give myself little incentives, for example: reach 5 new clients in the next month and I can buy myself a new bag (such a girl thing). However, it can be anything!
  7. Be adaptive to change. Always have a plan b,c,d and e. If something is not working for you – CHANGE IT. If you have tried a certain marketing strategy, or a certain direction with the business and it has not given you the desired response, you need to revaluate and change course. Do not be scared of change, change is good and it will allow for you to grow quicker and bigger.

If you wonder why I chose ‘7 tips’ instead of the usual even number – it’s my lucky number and because I can. At the end of the day, there are no rules as to what you can and can’t do – you are in charge of your success, so get out there and be successful and happy!

Tanja Coyne

Business Growth Specialists

Circa Business Consulting


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